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We are all excited for Spring to roll around. There are some exciting new changes at Tomato Sunshine Garden Center beginning with our new website. It’s loaded with great new gardening articles, videos and information about upcoming events and specials.

We want to thank you for your support and assure you that throughout 2016 and beyond, we will continue to bring you quality products at great prices, along with the service we are famous for.

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Donna, Ernie and the staff at Tomato Sunshine

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What’s New at Tomato Sunshine

We’ve created a new Tomato Sunshine Garden Center mobile app. That’s right, now you can download our free app and keep up with everything here at Tomato Sunshine Garden Center. What’s more you can earn great rewards just by checking in at the register with your daily purchases. It’s really simple to use, just check in and we’ll ‘punch’ your digital punch card. Fill up your punch card and you’ll earn great rewards. In addition we’ve added a plant guide with pictures and care and culture information.

Another great feature is that you can send us photos from your garden right from the app. So if you ever have a question in the garden, from bugs and disease to your favorite flower, just tap the app, snap and send!

Learn more about it >

What’s Blooming at Tomato Sunshine

Watch this site for information about new plant arrivals, or great new plant varieties that we’ve found. We settle for nothing less than the best so why should you? At Tomato Sunshine Garden Center you find the freshest plant material. Watch this site for photos of newly arrived plants.

What’s Coming Up at Tomato Sunshine

We’re so excited to announce our schedule of Spring, Summer and Fall events for the year. Make sure to check out our events section for all the latest. You can also find our events on our new app so make sure to download it today.

What’s So Special at Tomato Sunshine

Watch this site for specials and other promotions.


What’s Tasty at Tomato Sunshine

We’ve got great, new fresh ideas from our farmers market to your table.

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